Superbowl Predictions

sports blogOk so here we go. Here are the things I predict, I wish and my final thoughts on Superbowl XLIX (that’s 49 to you).

In-Game predictions/things discussed:

Cris Collinsworth overstates the obvious at least five times during the game.

Steve Largent is mentioned (only because he still might be the Seahawks best receiver)

We hear about Richard Sherman saying to Tom Brady “You mad bro”?

David Tyree is shown making “The catch”.

Kurt Warner’s wife is shown. Oops wrong Superbowl.

Someone is shown on the sidelines guarding footballs (maybe Roger Goodell). And the process of how the footballs were protected prior and leading up to this game being explained.

Where Darelle Revis plays next year and how he compares to Richard Sherman.

That Belichick will say at halftime that we need to do a better job at something.

The word eligible and ineligible being uses multiple times.

How the next Superbowl will be stated as #50 instead of Roman numeral “L” for loser!

Things I wish:

NBC would replay Al Michaels call of Dave Henderson’s HR in 1986. “To left field…and deep… and Downing goes back… and it’s gone. Unbelievable”. “You are looking at one for the ages here.” “Astonishing.”

“Do you believe in miracles?” was a decent quote also I suppose.

That someone would discuss how badly Pete Carroll cheated at USC and how he left the program in complete shambles.

Katy Perry would have a wardrobe malfunction.

That Peyton Manning will consult Brett Favre for retirement advice.

That Pete Carroll would say he is pumped and jacked for the game.

Final Thoughts and Game Prediction

It has been two weeks of talk mostly surrounding Deflategate, Marshawn Lynch’s antics, legacies and comparisons to West Coast Pete and the affable Bill.

Everything has been dissected. Can the Pats run the ball and execute a short passing game? I saw one analyst said the Seahawks defend the short passing game poorly and another one said completely the opposite. Can Seattle win back-to-back titles? 98 football writers/experts from around the country were polled on who was going to win and 50 said Seattle and 48 said the Patriots. The line is a pick. I mean you just can’t get much closer than this.

My biggest concern for the Pats winning:

Tom Brady’s biggest weakness as a QB is the deep ball and in a game like this, I think you have to throw deep to keep the Seahawks honest at least a few times so expect to see that early in the first half. If Brian Tyms is somehow active and Belichick has the guts to use someone like that in the Superbowl, he could be the guy, otherwise it will be Brandon Lafell.

That Brady doesn’t throw a pick six.

That the offensive line holds up and can give Brady time to throw.

My biggest concern for the Seahawks winning:

When the Pats play a team that doesn’t have more than one or two legitimate weapons, they usually respond very well defensively by making other players beat them (see T.Y. Hilton). I don’t respect the Seahawks receivers at all and they will make some plays as will tight end Luke Willson, but that is only because the Pats are paying so much attention to Lynch and Russell Wilson.

The health of Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas. Very tough guys and they will be out there, but if they are noticeably not at 100 percent, that will be a problem.

If the Seahawks fall behind and Russell Wilson has to throw a lot.

Final Prediction:

I think the Seahawks D is tremendous and I have the utmost respect for Russell Wilson, but the Patriots for the 4th time will win a Superbowl by three points. I think the Patriots are locked in and are deep enough defensively this season. Final score pats 19-16 over Seattle.

275 minutes until game time but whose counting.