Jonesing for a Change!


Maybe this blog is starting to have some real influence in the sports world. I called for Joe Philbin’s firing in repeated blogs leading up to it happening. Then I mentioned two weeks ago that I didn’t know how Kevin McHale kept his job and mentioned again on Facebook two days ago that he was in trouble and down he goes.

I have now called on Bruins coach Claude Julien to be next but my new target is Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett. The  coach is in his sixth season with the Cowboys and I swear he is blackmailing Owner/General Manager Jerry Jones. With a 43-38 career record and one playoff appearance/playoff win, Garrett continues to get the least out of his team.

Prior to Garrett taking over in 2010, the Cowboys were 33-15 the three previous seasons including two division titles so it’s not like he inherited the Detroit Lions roster. When Tony Romo went down in week two and Dez Bryant went down in week one, the Cowboys had an uphill battle, but 0-7 without those two is unacceptable capped off by a horrible loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Cowboys knew if they lost the Bucs game their season was over and played uninspired and emotionless football.

Seems like the Steelers (6-4) have kept afloat without Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell and Martavis Bryant. Heck the Houston Texans are even 4-5 with the mess they have had at QB.

With that said, the biggest problem the Cowboys face is the man who hired Garrett. Jones was the one who agreed to sign “The Human Distraction” Greg Hardy. Aside from his numerous transgressions as a human and alleged criminal, Hardy’s behavior and distraction to the team has been almost as detrimental as the injuries and the Cowboys are 0-5 since he returned from suspension.

Jones then crowned Brandon Weeden (recently cut) the next Roger Staubach. Lastly, the decision to not resign DeMarco Murray has been problematic as the running game has been inconsistent which is evidenced by the desperate signing of young journeyman Robert Turbin. Do I like to see “America’s Team” fail? You bet I do, but I would rather see them fail with a fighting chance. Romo and Bryant can’t save this sinking ship.

I can’t say I thought Cincinnati would throw up all over themselves on Monday Night Football at home against an inferior Texans team. And to add insult to injury, J.J. Watt jabbed Andy Dalton with a tweet after the game to which Dalton cried and felt sad. Cincy gets to pick up the pieces at red-hot Arizona and could be staring at consecutive losses as well as many I told-you-sos.

Meanwhile, Houston (tied for first) might just steal this division from the wobbly Colts who just might need to keep their “We finished in second place in our division” banner in storage. The two teams play head-to-head but the Jaguars and Titans will have a big say in how this division finishes.

The MVP of the Patriots win over the Giants was Malcolm Butler. After Odell Beckham’s early touchdown where safety Devin McCourty was out of position, Butler dominated Beckham the rest of the game and showed the football world that his play in the Superbowl was no fluke. 

No-brainer move by Cleveland to play Johnny Manziel the rest of the year as they have nothing to lose and they might as well get a decent sample size to see if they have something.

Not really shocking to see Saints Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan get fired. The Saints defense is so bad they have allowed 38 points more than the 31st ranked Cleveland Browns. Thought the Saints might try Drew Brees at corner things were getting so bad.

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers look completely lost. Is there a bigger rock bottom than losing a home game to the Detroit Lions for the first time in 24 years? How about struggling to score a touchdown until late in the fourth quarter against the 30th ranked defense and losing three straight games? Looks like the loss of Jordy Nelson and the completely ineffective season of running back Eddie Lacy are starting to take their toll. The Packers defense has also been showing leaks and where the schedule gets easier for Green Bay, they look like they have fallen to the third or fourth best team in the NFC. A win in Minnesota this week would get things headed in the right direction.

Counting down the minutes to the dream matchup Week 12 between Tom Brady and Brock Osweiler.