“Isn’t It Silly to Not Win in Philly”


Musical Chairs

Troubling times for Cleveland Cavaliers Head Coach LeBron James. Since James wears so many hats, he forgot to tell his subordinates (I mean the alleged coaching staff) that he was subbing himself out of the game in their victory over the Atlanta Hawks. Cleveland was assessed a technical because they only had four players on the floor. Hate when silly details get in the way.

Not so fanatical

Lean times in the City of Brotherly Love.  ESPN shared this beautiful nugget yesterday that the Eagles, 76’ers and Flyers are 0-for November thus far with an 0-12 home record. That isn’t even including the Phillies, who were the worst team in the majors this past season.

But what is making Ben Franklin turn over in his grave is the overall play of the 76’ers. You would have thought things couldn’t get worse than 1973 when the Sixers went 9-73 with the second worst winning percentage of all-time. Or last season when the Sixers dropped an NBA-worst 26 games in a row beginning in January and lost 17 straight to start the season. But here come the 2015-16 version who are 0-14. How is this for a touch of irony? Last season Philly beat Minnesota to get their first win of the season and that is their opponent tonight. Kevin Garnett simply won’t allow it this time.

Need a Doctor

By the way, the Los Angeles Clippers lead the way in futility with eight of the worst 50 NBA seasons of all-time and the worst historical record of any NBA team. Also, the New York Knicks franchise has more losses than wins in their history.

Speaking of the Clippers, is the Doc Rivers honeymoon starting to wear off? After two very disappointing playoff appearances, Los Angeles decided to make some bold moves in the offseason. In addition to resigning DeAndre Jordan, they signed NBA veterans Paul Pierce, Wesley Johnson, Josh Smith and Lance Stephenson and are 6-7 after dropping three straight. There is too much talent and veteran leadership on this team to underachieve this badly.

Separation Anxiety

Oklahoma City is in a terrible spot with Kevin Durant and the recent rifts between he and Russell Westbrook are only making the situation more incendiary. With Durant’s contract expiring, the Thunder risk getting nothing in the offseason if he walks and right now I think there is a huge chance that happens as Durant has always been bothered by playing in such a small market.

Dynasty in the Making

Not only is Golden State 15-0 and one game away from the best start in NBA history, but they have had only had five teams come within nine points of beating them. The Lakers stand in the way and something tells me Kobe Bryant will be up for that game, although he has yet to eclipse 20 points since opening night and is shooting 33% from the field.

Everything is relative

Oft-mentioned trade target and knucklehead DeMarcus Cousins is on a ferocious tear in the last five games. He is averaging 33 PPG and 11 rebounds per game. If that guy could ever keep his head on straight?


Congratulations to Aaron Rodgers for leading the Packers to a big division win yesterday to improve to 9-19 against winning teams on the road in his career.


Thumbs down to the Cincinnati Bengals for failing to bounce back by losing to Arizona after their awful loss to the Houston Texans.

Overrated and Overpaid

On Oct,. 18th, the Jets were 4-1 and ready to make their mark against the Patriots in a battle for first place. Since, the Jets are 1-4 including a narrow home win against Jacksonville. The alleged vaunted Jets D have given up 133 points in the last five games and Darelle Revis got torched by DeAndre Hopkins in the loss to Houston before leaving in the third quarter with a concussion.

As for the Patriots other former corner Brandon Browner, he leads the NFL with 17 penalties through 10 games.

Little Engine that Could

New England is pinning a lot of hope on wide receiver Danny Amendola to step in for Julian Edelman. Amendola has played in two full seasons out of six . Last year was one of them and he was barely used in the regular season with only 42 targets.

Just lose baby

After improving to 4-3 with consecutive wins against SD and the Jets, the Raiders have dropped three straight including a bad effort against the Lions which just about sealed their fate for another NON PLAYOFF SEASON. Since making the playoffs in three consecutive seasons capped by a Superbowl loss to Tampa Bay (Curse of Jon Gruden), the Raiders are an abominable 60-142 with 0 winning seasons. They don’t even have Al Davis to blame anymore.

Sad to see the San Diego Chargers playing out the string at home before moving to Los Angeles in the offseason. This Chargers have had too many proud moments to go out like this. Dan Fouts, Kellen Winslow Sr. and Charlie Joiner were a blast to watch in the 80’s.

Starring role

Has anybody noticed the best team in the NHL so far? How about the 17-4 Dallas Stars. It’s an amazing accomplishment especially without former franchise player Loui Eriksson.

Love the new proposed NHL all-star format of 3X3 within divisions. Although I will miss the typical all-star game final scores of 18-16, at least it shakes things up and acknowledges that the old way wasn’t appealing. Awareness is half the battle and even if this idea doesn’t work, the NFL could take a lesson because the Pro Bowl is as bad as it gets.

Glaring oversight

Lastly, Mark Recchi is one of the worst omissions in the Hall of Fame history in any sport. He is 12th all-time in NHL scoring with 1533 points in 1652 games, won three Stanley Cups and was universally liked by his peers. If anyone can cite a reason for this egregious decision, I am all ears.