Venturing into the Unknown


You never know how much you miss something until it goes away. With all this isolation from human contact it made me reflect on what I miss most in the world of sports. I miss:

NFL Redzone and waiting for the inevitable update about a Jameis Winston interception.

Napkin coaching resignations that say I resign as the HC of the NYJ

Seeing Devlin Hodges quarterbacking the Steelers, but not announcers referring to him as “Duck”

Hearing Sam Wyche get on the PA system respond to unruly fans who are throwing things on the field say “Will the next person that sees anybody throw anything onto this field point them out, get them out of here and yell: You don’t live in Cleveland, you live in Cincinnati.”

The Colts raising a banner for being an AFC Finalist

Dan Fouts and “Air Coryell”

The Houston Oilers, Baltimore Colts, St.Louis Cardinals and mostly the SAN DIEGO Chargers

Al Davis ruining the Raiders

Phony NFL injury designations

Seeing Robert Kraft with a 20-something year old and frequenting massage parlors

Letting Bill Parcells buy the groceries

Being onto Cincinnati

Hearing Wes Welker make multiple references in a press conference about Rex Ryan’s foot fetish –

Rodney Harrison and Kevin Garnett’s intensity

Roger Goodell being booed in Foxboro

NBA post-game reports about their officials screwing up

Hearing the goat term in sports referring to a choker not Tom Brady

Instant replay reviews that last a lifetime and ones that the fan at home can figure out in one replay but the officials still need five minutes to make a decision

Talk about computerized strikezones

Seeing if Chris Sale can stay healthy…oops he can’t

Kirby Puckett and the Twins World Series champion team

Willie Stargell and the “We Are Family” World Series champions

Being shocked when Pedro Martinez gave up a run

Greg W. Harris throwing ambidextrously

Will McDonough commenting on Wade Boggs riding a horse while celebrating a World Series in Yankee Stadium. “First time I have ever seen a horse’s ass riding a horse’s ass”

Watching David Ortiz’s heroics

Seeing Red Sox-Yankees thrillers

Jason Varitek face washing Alex Rodriguez

Waiting for Jacoby Ellsbury to come off IR

George Steinbrenner

Anticipating pitching changes and switches

Rhetoric about how pitch clocks and not taking the time to throw intentional walks will speed up the game

Players pointing to their chest saying my bad when we damn well know whose bad it is

Manny being Manny

Jim Mora’s famous playoff quote

Allen Iverson’s practice rant

Bobby Knight’s game face press conference

Fighting in hockey and the Big Bad Bruins

John Wensink challenging the entire North Stars bench

Bruins players climbing into the stands of Madison Square Garden and Mike Milbury using his shoe as a deadly weapon

Getting to see Bobby Orr in his prime

Having Patrick Roy tell Canadiens President Ronald Corey in the middle of a game that he will never play a game for his franchise again

The Original 6

Tim Thomas saying “I guess I didn’t realize it was my job to pump his tires.“ about Roberto Luongo and I miss Luooongo chants

Patrice Bergeron trying to play through a collapsed lung, cracked rib, torn rib cartilage, and a separated shoulder

NHL playoffs sudden death overtime(s)

Mike Emrick and Kevin Harlan

Celtics fans wearing wife beater jerseys for a playoff game against Jason Kidd’s New Jersey Nets.

Beat LA chants

Red Auerbach swindling other teams

Kevin McHale on Cheers but not Kevin Garnett in Uncut Gems

Seeing Kareem wear an oxygen mask

LeBron losing another championship and NBA stars getting maintenance days

Hakeem Olajuwon’s dream shake

Julius Erving’s afro

Johnny Most refer to Rick Mahorn and Bill Laimbeer as McFilthy and McNasty

Waiting for Bill Walton to get healthy

Kyrie blaming teammates and while I’m at it, LeBron blaming teammates and getting coaches fired.

Steph Curry hitting shots from half court

Watching Alex Rodriguez destroy Yankees chemistry

Bruce Hurst’s high leg kick

Billy Martin and Earl Weaver arguing with umpires

Mel Allen in This Week in Baseball and Peter Gammon’s Diamond Notes

March Madness buzzer beaters

Cal State Fullerton winning College World Series titles

Watching Big East basketball in its heyday

Seeing Uganda take on Zambia in the World Cup

Brady against Manning

Bird against Magic

Kobe Bryant, as I cant remember disliking a player so much and then transitioning to so dramatically liking him as his career wore on

Tom Brady in a Patriots uniform

And lastly…SPORTS in general…please come back soon. If you do, I may stop fast forwarding through some commercials.